Tom Lee

Hello - we have just purchaes a Jim Benson home that was built in about 199 or 2000. It is located in the Lakes of Legacy subdivision in Frisco...Congratulations on the wonderful job you did on this beautiful home. The craftsmanship and custom features you put in this home are just superb.

Jim Benson built my home in 2005. The home he built for us was in Forney, Texas. I've built 4 homes in 13 years, with other builders, and the process with Jim was the best experience that we had building a home.

Jim was at the property everday during the construction process. He's often there for many hours but it's good to know at minimum someone is there to start and end the process every day. Maybe that's not a novelty to some but I've built enough homes to wonder if the builder has stopped by the house during the day at all.

Jim has innovative ideas and alternative ways to utilize space and what he refers to as opportunities during the construction process. His ideas often incorporate both the design and financial impact during changes or additions, which enabled him to keep peace on both sides of the family at my house.

My last comments would be around the way Jim takes his work personal and takes pride in what he does. Any mistakes made during the construction process were quickly rectified and made right. I even had a situation whre I made a decision that ultimately affected my utility cost in a negative way. Jim came out and fixed the problem at his own expense. I doubt many other builders would have done that.

The sad part of my story is that we sold our home after 18 months and moved to Chicago. The two good parts of the story are that I made 10% profit on my home in a short period of time and my wife and I are working on house plans to build with Jim again in the near future. This time we didn't even interview other builders. We trust Jim.

Doug Brown

J. Douglas Bowerman

President-Garland, Southwest Securities, FSB

It is with great pleasure that I am able to write this letter in support of Jim Benson Custom Homes for the Metro East Division Custom Builder of the Year. I have known Mr. Benson for approximatley seventeen years and have enjoyed a very good relationship with him throughout this period.

Jim is a "great" builder. He is a very talented individual with high moral and ethical standards yielding a very postive example for the building community in the metroplex. Benson builds across many price points and has a reputation for being able to handle large, complex, very custom building projects with one of his latest homes being a true one of a kind showplace with numerous challenging, unique, and complicated facets.

Mr. Benson has been very active in the Homebuilders Associatin of Greater Dallas for many years. He has not only been President of the North Dallas Collin County Divisin, but when he moved to the Rockwall area he became an active member of the Metro East Board. Benson continues to be active int he Metro East Division. Jim has completed the Graduate Master Builder Program  and has received several awards and accommodations from the HBA including President's Leadershp Award and the Outstanding Community Contribution Award for North Dallas / Colling County Division. His work also recognized in 1999 wit the Judges Award in the Parade of Homes.

Mr. Benson handles his business in a very professional manner and manages the financial aspects of his building operation in a fiscally responsible manner. I am truly proud to call Jim Benson not only a good customer but a valued friend.

In summary, I have known Mr. Benson for an extended period of time, he enjoys an excellent reputation within the building community, supports the HBA, and operates his company in a financially responsible manner and I believe that the aforementioned reasons make Jim Benson deserving of the titlte "Metro East Division Custom Builder of the Year."

We first had the pleasure of working with Jim in 1997, when we purchased one of his new homes in Plano, TX. This was our second time purchasing new construction, but by far a better experience. Not only was the home built exceptionally well, but Jim was there to help us with some additions we wanted after closing.
Five years later we sold the home in Plano, and had no issues whatsoever with the inspection and subsequent sale. We only wish we had that experience when we purchased our next home (not from Jim).
In 2005, we relocated back to Texas, and were suprised to see the Jim Benson Custom Homes sing in front of a house a few blocks away from us. We took that opportunity and jmped at the chance to get Jim to assist us with some major remodeling on our home.
Living in a house while remodeling is beyond stressful, yet Jim saw to every detail and was sensitive to our needs as a family trying to function through construction! He is extremely attentive to detail and exprects 100% perfection from every sigle sub regardless of the size of the job. Even the small job is important to him and handled as such.
Jim has such integrity and respects those who have put their faith in him. We were cautious to keep our costs down and he respected us by being forthright. He offered options were possible and took the time to answer our questions.
Bottom line is that as long as we are in the area, Jim Benson will be handling all of our construction needs. We have found a friend who is truly passionate about what he does and who can be trusted.

Lisa & Dean Wilson

Al Latimer

Senior VP, Southwest Securities Bank

Southwest Securities Bank has been doing business with Jim Benson...since 1995. These entities have paid off 22 loans totaling $10,313,200.00. Jim Benson has always performed extremely well.
Jim Benson is a respected custom home builder, who competes in the $350,000.000 to $1,300,000.00 price range of homes.
I have known Jim Benson for 10 years and have found him to be exceptionally thorough and competent. He delivers an excellent product in a strong market. I have the utmost confidence in his ability to perform.

We cant' thank you enough for creating this terrific place to live and enjoy our kids. Thanks for taking time to do it the right way. And, special thanks for sharing the DOM.

Dave Kirwan

Pam Powers

I just wanted to take this opportunity to address how much Dana and I have enjoyed working with Jim Benson. The home that Jim is now building for our family will make the fifth home that we have owned in just over six years.
We have often been skeptical of home builders in the past. However,  we have worked with Jim Benson from the very beginning  of this custom home building process. He helped us develop a set of custom plans and design a budget that fit into what we wanted and could afford.
He is the only builder  that we have worked with that has been completely open to new ideas. Jim has taken pride sourcing antique, (and) reclaimed building materials that has added uniqueness and character to our home despite the extra effort.
We especially wanted our home to be tastefully done but yet different from all the other homes in our neighborhood. Jim Benson has allowed us to achieve this key aspect.
He and his staff have always been very accessible and quick to provide us with all the details to address any questions or concerns. They have been committed to doing things right and making sure that our expecations are met.
Building a custom home with Jim Benson has turned an incredibly arduous and frustrating project into a pleasant partnership.

As a five year showroom consultant with Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., it gives me great pleasure to recommend Mr. Jim Benson for the Metro East Builder of the Year Award, and to write this letter on his behalf. I have had the privilege of working with Jim on several projects, and can attest that he is one of the most professional and hard working home builders that I have had the honor of doing business with.
Having been in the industry for almost 25 years, Jim has been building homes since 1985. He has owned his own business since 1995 and since then has completed many amazing projects with which our company has had the honor of being a part. Two of these large projects include Jim's parade homes in both 1999 and 2002.
Jim's attention to detail and amazing presence with people have eleveated him to where he is today. I have worked with Jim on both the design aspect here in the showroom to the construction side behind the scenes, and he is extremely knowledgeable in both areas. In spite of his gifts, Jim is an extremely humble and approachable person which makes him an absolute pleasure to do business with!

Danelle Howard

Ferguson Bath, Kitchen, & Lighting Gallery